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The Resurgence of Real Clubs

Real Clubs Real Progress

I sometimes find myself angry at social media land where people are making fake groups or communities just to line their own pockets from sticker and t-shirt sales. I grow tired of the endless group adding on Facecrap just to see no rides, no trails, no events just cramp for sale, illegal raffles and nothing getting done. It seems this is the way of the world now in so many cases. An endless sea of deception designed to make a buck over making or keeping trails. 

That's the topic of this blog post. When we started this thing we wanted to build trails, help people grow into the riding recreation, and help make chapters who would have access to the same tools so they wouldn't have to fork out thousands to do the same. In under 2 years, we've come a long way, made a lot of events, opened and built a lot of trails. It's not a magic formula, it's just we're organized, have goals, filed the right paperwork and protect our landowners. When a new chapter comes online, we send them a getting started guide to walk them through the process. 

There is a lot we're trying to do. There are ideas we've invented to spawn growth, from CrawlerFest to GeoCrawls, from the Trail Leveling System to the online mapping using said levels... we're always trying to expand, we're always trying to grow. This is a fun past time, as Wrangler Riders, Madison Area Off Road, RL4WD and a few others that are in the midst of forming, we're onto something here. We want to grow RL4WD 4X4 trails, clubs, businesses... some are private, some are public, ALL are fun! 

It has to be real though, we want to encourage people to take a stand and make a difference. Get trained, get in the know, get out and make a difference. That's what we've done, that's how we've grown, that's what makes us different. We're all volunteers, myself, the elders, the guides, nobody gets paid. All funds go towards making these tools and funding trail development, and it's working. You don't see us getting together monthly to talk and do meetings, we can do most of that stuff through the website stuff (which give us time to think through things and not rush stuff like an hour meeting does). We host rides, we host training, we want to be a vehicle that connects people with the fun of the great outdoors! We want to make it happen in Wisconsin, we want to build it here first, we have to build it, protect it and help manage it. 

Our trail work days have had a lot of support from our members. People want to be elders, they want to learn how to be trail guides, they want to be proactive. That's a major difference here. We train leaders who can be part of the solution. It's not the Ryan Harden club here, I consider myself a mediator or facilitator of fun, not a dictator or ruler. I built Wrangler Riders, then gave it to Regan, Connie and their crew who've done a fantastic job growing things while I worked on the site, programs, tools. We built this stuff to use, to train, to make chapters successful. We want chapters to take control of their own areas, to map, to be ambassadors, to inform. 

Over the next year, you're going to see a drastic increase in trails being mapped in Wisconsin, trails that have levels, images, videos, reviews, downloadable maps, etc. We want to train people to become trail guides, make their own excursions with their friends, go explore the awesome trails in Wisconsin, camp, get outdoors and make it happen! You'll be seeing more training online and at events or heck, just classes as events! Elder classes, more trail guide classes, more tread lightly classes. We want to teach people and give them the tools to be part of the solution! 

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Saturday, 05 December 2020

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