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WI VIP Ride 2019

VIP-Rides-2019 The 2019 WI RL4WDA VIP Ride

Our first ever VIP ride is in the books! We had a fantastic time showing lawmakers, tourism and DNR officials what Road Legal 4WD recreation is about, how Slow Speed Trails work, and objectives we want to accomplish. Ultimately, the end goal is to have a public trail program for RL4WD's and other 4x4's in Wisconsin. A RL4WD program would help us build and maintain public Wisconsin trail networks while also providing education, volunteer recruitment, and law enforcement to keep trails sustainable. 

Guest Speakers
Sara Meaney - Wisconsin Department of Tourism Secretary
Cameron Bump - Wisconsin DNR Parks & Rec Specialist

VIP's In Attendance
Nicolas Cravillion - District Outreach Representative Office of Senate President Roger Roth
Representative Gary Tauchen - Wisconsin's 6th Assembly District
Joe Zapf - Office of Representative Adam Neylon 98th District in the Wisconsin State Assembly
Patti Peterson - Tourism Manager Shawano Country Tourism Council
Nancy Smith - Shawano Country Chamber Executive Director
Jeff Anderson - Regional Tourism Specialist Wisconsin Department of Tourism

The event kicked off with our RL4WDA volunteers arriving Thursday night. It was a lot of unloading, setting up, and getting ready for the big day! A big thanks to Liz at the park for allowing us to use Tigerton chairs and tables so we didn't have to bring any!  

The morning of the event we set up shelters, sound, chairs, tables, food, drinks, and materials that our guests could take with them. A huge thanks to all the folks who took off of work on a Friday to join us, who brought rigs to give rides to VIP's, and who took part in our VIP meeting before the ride.

As the VIP's began to come in, we had a social hour before the meeting. This was a great time to get to know folks and talk to one another. Then, we sat down for the formal presentation! 

For almost an hour we presented about who we are, what we aim to do, and we all talked about ways to accomplish these goals. This video highlights most of that meeting. Thanks to all who gave their insight and became part of the conversation! 

We had the pleasure of getting important updates from Sara Meaney the Wisconsin Department of Tourism Secretary-designee. Secretary Meaney did a fantastic job on her tourism presentation! We look forward to working with the Wisconsin Department of Tourism to keep growing 4x4 recreation in Wisconsin. You'll start to see our events like CrawlerFest and trail listings listed right on their site https://www.travelwisconsin.com/. We'll be working with Tourism agencies like this to aid them in getting folks to 4x4 events and trails. 

Cameron Bump our Wisconsin DNR Parks & Rec Specialist then spoke. Cameron has been a huge help for us over the years in aiding us towards our goals. Cameron is dedicated to helping groups like ours create positive relationships with DNR, land managers and more! We're really lucky to have Cameron working in the WI DNR. Here's his presentation, there was a lot of great points he covered. 

After the meeting, it was time to hit the trails! We all enjoyed the amazing trails of the Embarrass River ATV Park. Slow Speed Trails are the most sought after type of trails and with the help of VIP's like the ones we had at our event, we can stop sending millions of tourism dollars out of state from riders that must leave in order to enjoy Slow Speed Trails. Right now, there are no public RL4WD parks in Wisconsin. This needs to change! We have the best glacial features in the nation that people around the world would come to ride on... that is, if we had Slow Speed Trails for them. Together, we can put Wisconsin on the 4x4 map, and that's exactly what we're doing. 

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Ryan Harden on Thursday, 28 May 2020 15:36
VIP Invites for 2020 going out this week!

Late to the party on this because of the virus, but email invites are going out this week.

Late to the party on this because of the virus, but email invites are going out this week.
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