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Ok not really a review but... If you get into an accident, please try and get the other parties name, info, and insurance information. Waiting for the cops to issue the report generally adds days or even a week+ to the claims process and some reports are just downright bad (I've never heard of an officer who likes filling out accident reports). Our goal is to get you back to where you were before the incident as fast as possible, having the other parties info really improves insurance claims response.

Sure, it's not always possible, but most people are decent human beings so give it a try. More and more people just assume law enforcement has to do everything, in many cases like a simple fender bender, this just isn't the case in my opinion. Those reports just add days of frustration to the process.

So that's my rant on the subject. I'm going on 20 years in the insurance industry and I've never had to deal with so many bad incident reports (especially in Milwaukee, they can take forever). Sometimes bad things happen, and we're here to help make it better asap. Waiting for police reports is as fun as watching paint dry.
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