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  1. Chris Hannert
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  3. Saturday, 17 October 2020
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Ryan and the team at have been looking at developing an App to make the website more accessible for mobile users. I can only imagine that it’s a time consuming, expensive process to create something that supports all our devices and operating systems.

While work continues on that project, I wanted to share how easy it is to create a Web App of your own:


Benefits of a Web App are:
- Icon on your Device Home Screen
- Single Click Website Access
- Swipe Navigation

Open Safari and navigate to Then tap the share symbol:


Scroll down and tap “Add to Home Screen”:


Click “Add”:


Icon appears on the home screen. Tap it for instant access to


Tap on the first event in the list:


Swipe from left to right to navigate backwards and then right to left to move forward again:


Click the RL4WD symbol at any point to bring you back to the home page


Press the home button to leave the app.

Android - I don’t have any of these devices so I got the following off the web. Please post if it works for you or not.

Open Chrome and navigate to Then tap three dots in the upper right corner (disregard the website shown in the picture):


Tap “Add to Home Screen”


You can Edit the Shortcut Title and then tap “Add”


That should complete the process. You can test operation as described in the iPhone instructions.

Again, I don’t have an Android device to test this on so please provide feedback. Also, if someone could add screen shots of the Android process that would be awesome and I will include them in this write up.
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Ryan Harden
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This is really great!
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