Thursday, 08 October 2020
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Here's how it typically goes... ride - loaded and booked. Help to brush trails - barely enough people to get the job done, overworked volunteers... the few who volunteer will always matter more. Be it our club or others, if you have a chance to step up and help build, patrol, or maintain trails, DO IT.

We can't keep getting more properties open if there aren't volunteers to help keep em open. If we don't have local chapters formed, I won't even bother talking to land managers in a said area. If you as the 4x4 body don't step up, this thing goes nowhere and 99% of our "off-road" will be lame gravel roads. Even if we get the legislation passed, won't matter if there isn't a local club to apply for the funding or help to get it done.

These are the honest truths in building a successful trail program for 4x4s. It's not a hard concept. Join or make a club, ask questions, become a Trail Ambassador, it's only together that we make Wisconsin the best 4x4 state it can be. Sure, we've gotten a lot further than many other clubs in this area... it's because we have a great team of volunteers helping make it happen, but we need more people, more clubs, and more organization!!!

We're going to be playing politics with the 4X4 program and it's a very hard battle to get things passed. It's a LOT easier when the 4x4 community bands together, makes legit clubs, helps local land managers, etc. All these people are watching our every move. Every picture, every video. Can we get the people we need? Do we have the ability to self-enforce the problem people? I think we can, I think we are starting to see that happen. Can we fund our objectives? We're starting to make that happen.

Anyway, thanks for listening to my "how the world turns". You want more trails, we do too. We need you to make that happen. It can't be up to a few leaders, it takes all of us to make it happen.
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